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Parsianchoob was established in 1998 and commenced its business as a distributer of raw materials for wood industries. Having gained expertise in the business area, Parsianchoob began importing commodity from different countries. Owing to utilizing wisdom, hard-work, investment and expert staff, the company has had a considerable progress over recent years. Parsianchoob has continued its business as a leading company in wood industries supplying other corporations with new high quality materials.

Pannotech is born:
After 21 years, Parsianchoob continues to work hard and with extensive research, it has started to produce high quality products under PANNOTECH brand.

  •  Member of «Iran furnitur manu lacturers and exporters assoation» board of directory
  • . Member of Iran lanunate, particle board and MDF industry managers association board of direetors
  • . Member of Iran wood industry thinktank . Head of persa furniture industry pioneers company (FIPCO) board of directory
  • . Member of Iran-Turkey chamber of commerce. M ember of Iran chamber of commerce delegation board.
  • AGT corp of Turkey, producer of profile, raw and melamine MDF, highgloss panel, powergloss, parquet, and door
  • . Yildiz corp of Turkey, producer of melamine MDF and parquet
  • . Kastamonu corp of Turkey, producer of melamine MDF and parquet
  • . ASD corp of Turkey, producer of acrylic MDF
  • . Pfleiderer corp of Germany, producer of melamine MDF
  • . WQ corp of China, producer of UV
  • . Dongwha corp of Malasia, producer of melamine MDF
  • . Camsan crop of turkey, producer of raw MDF